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Character trophies: Ratchet - This trophy can be found in Nabla Forest on Florana. In the second building there's a hidden lookout terrace to the left of an upper terrace. You can walk across the roof ledge. Al - It is on Tyhrranosis, where it's located on top of a cliff during the "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets" mission. The Plumber - On Daxx it is located on the balcony of the building where Ratchet finds the Charge Boots. Clank - At the Holostar Studios it is located on a platform to the right of the elevator near the first Hacker Terminal at the very top. Skrunch - On Metropolis it is just after the curved bridge, through the window on the right. Dr Nefarious - On Zeldrin at the crash it's located on a ledge after the second set of debris. Qwark - This trophy can be found on Thran at the end of the last corridor in the pod on the left (behind the glass window) right near Qwark's hideout. Courtney Gears - On Koros it's located inside the building next to the stacked metallic crates. Lawrence - On Mylon it's located at the top of the ramp along the section before the Hacker terminal, located on top of a storage tank at the top of the ramp.

Task trophies: Titanium bolt - Rewarded for collecting all 40 titanium bolts. Skill master - Rewarded for achieving all 30 skill points. Annihiliation Nation - This trophy is only awarded after completing ALL the gauntlet and gladiator challenges at Annihilation Nation. You must complete the Qwarktastic Challenge at least once. Friend of the Rangers - This trophy is only awarded after successfully completing ALL the Ranger battle missions including... Operation Iron Shield, Island Strike, Black Tide, Urban Storm & Death Valley. Omega Arsenal - Rewarded for upgrading all weapons to Omega level (excluding the RYNOCIRATOR). Nano Finder - This trophy is only awarded after accumulating 200 Nano Health Slots. This can only be done in Challenge Mode and you'll have to get about 1/2 way through the game to get health of 200.