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Planet Kerwan:Metropolis City, Planet Cobalia:Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Kortog:Stratus City, Planet Fastoon:Lombax Ruins (Day, 1st Visit), Voron Asteroid Belt (Space Battle), Planet Mukow:Imperial Fight Festival (1st Visit), Nundac Asteroid Ring:Apogee Space Station, Planet Ardolis:Pirate Base, Rakar Star Cluster (Space Battle), Planet Rykan V:Lava Refinery, Planet Sargasso:Outpost L51, Planet Mukow:Imperial Fight Festival (2nd Visit), Kreeli Comet:IRIS Supercomputer, Planet Viceron:Zordoom Prison, Verdigris Black Hole (Space Battle), Planet Jasindu:Kerchu Homeworld, Ublik Passage:Slag's Fleet, Planet Reepor:Cragmite Ruins, Planet Igliak:Meridian City, Planet Fastoon:Lombax Ruins (Night, 2nd Visit)

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