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The answer really depends on what kind of enemy is being fought.

For smaller, swarming enemies (eg.Cragpoles, Tesladrones, etc.), the Shock Ravager/Lightning Ravager works best, with the Pyro Blaster in second place.

For larger enemies , which attack in smaller groups, (eg.Drophyd Troopers and Sentries, etc.), the Predator Launcher/Raptor Launcher works well, with the next best being the Nano-Swarmers.

For the kinds of tough enemies which attack by themselves (eg.Cragmites) and Bosses (eg.Crushto and Zorthon), the best weapons to use are the Negotiator/Judicator and the Alpha Disruptor/Alpha Cannon.

Of course, the best weapon to use to get the most firepower (for attacking large swarms of strong enemies, or for bosses) is the RYNO IV