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Well, in my opinion the best PS2 R&C game was Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, because it had a lot of comedy, Nefarious, and robotic pop stars LOLZ. The best PS3 Ratchet & Clank would have to be Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction because it gave us, the fans, a new R&C experience, and a new funny villian, Emperor Percival Tachyon, and a new story. As for worst Ratchet game, i would have to put Secret Agent Clank, because it took away the fun of the R&C universe that we as fans like (the graphics also sucked ass lolz). All the other R&C games were good.

The best... I'd say Up Your Arsenal. The graphics were good, you had Clank from the start, a lots of comedy, Dr. Nefarious, and overall gameplay. Although Secret Agent Clank comes second... Worst would have to be either the first one(The controls SUCK compared to every other game of the series, Ratchet=ANNOYING, the constant bickering between Ratchet and Clank, the lack of boss fights, weapons not upgrading, max of 8 nanotech) or Deadlocked(the game feels completely out of place. Seriously, you could replace Ratchet, Clank and Al with completely different characters, and it'd be just the same. Plus, only 10 weapons and stuff).

Neffy545 Edit: Hmmmm....i have to agree with Deadlocked, but i don't think i would consider R&C1 the worst. The worst games are in my opinion, of course, Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. They both have shit for graphics, the gameplay sucks ass, the controls move terrible, and Clank gameplay is just boring in both games. It seems High Impact Games don't make good games. And Jak & Daxter: The lost frontier was a huge disapointment. I wanted a PS3 game made by Naughty Dog and it would have to be T for teen.

Well, in my opinion, I have to agree with ToD, once I played that, then started playing the PS2 games again, I thought "wow, these games are SO low graphic" It had the feeling of awesomeness I got in the first game (which does not suck in my opinion at all) I felt that ACiT was a little bit of a dissapointment, because it just feels like it's missing something and also, I think "wow, the trailers show this game as super kickass that will be so awesome, it will make me never want to turn off the PS3." I buy it, and it just dosen't have the fun of Tools of Destruction, but overall it was a good game. I have to say, Deadlocked did seem a little off, but at least the explosions are alive, and I just LOVE the "boom" factor. Going Commando was for me really cool when I first played it, But I feel that it's a little long and confusing, and since Insomniac was new to the weapon upgrading concept, it was a pain to upgrade stuff. UYA was seriously the first one to make me laugh, especially when Nefarious froze up. the weapons "kickass" factor got a huge bump, and it's pretty cool. But I swear, Size Matters was so F***ing gay, I mean, the graphics get better and better every game, and you think, " everyone hates this game but they're probably just overreacting" you buy it, and the game doesen't even have Ratchet, just a yellow square, Otto is gay, the game is too F***ing hard, the wrench doesen't even extend, the whole finding armor concept isn't "fun", and there is no fun in the levels, and I'm actually embarrassed to own the game. I actually feel sorry for wasting my parent's money on that crap. on my profile, I put what I like about each game, and seriously, I struggled putting stuff for this game, and the next. when you hear, "secret Agent" most people think stealth, which I did. And with a username with the word "ninja" in it, you gotta know I like stuff with stealth. And with a username with the word "Ratchet" it implies that they're a fan of Ratchet. Well, the stealth takedown thing was disappointing, I mean, "wee, I get to press four buttons, yay." And Really, think about how much screen time Ratchet gets, It doesen't even count as appearing, it was more of a cameo. and It actually jacked up the future series, since it's all about them "finding themselves", you can't really take it seriously since just a year ago, "he was a secret agent dude". I mean, HIG should pay US for buying their shit. I myself haven't played Quest for Booty, but all I know is that it's ridiculously short, which I'm okay with, and that it Involves space pirates, which is awesome. I really look forward to buying it in the future.

Bah, everyone's complaining about SM's and SAC's graphics. For Qwark's sake, THEY WERE MADE ON THE FREAKIN' PSP. PSP has FAR less limited graphical capabilities than PS2 or PS3. Nobody has complained about Going Mobile's graphics, and they're even worse than the two PSP games'. I found them perfectly enjoyable, and I'm not embarrassed to own Size Matters, or Secret Agent Clank for that matter. Probably because I'm already such a pathetic piece of crap that I can't be embarrassed in any way anymore.

Ninja Ratchet edit: um...Going mobile isn't very do you say, canon. and not EVERYONE has the chance to get that game. And I was talking about the games I HAVE. But seriously, how can you find SM and SAC enoyable? what kind of sick twisted mind do you have? the GRAPHICS SUCK EVEN WORSE ON THE PS2. IT IS TOLERABLE ON PSP, BUT SERIOUSLY, PLAY THE PS2 VERSION AND THEN PLAY R&C1, THE GRAPHICS SUCK!!!

Drendermen79:My favorite would have to be deadlocked. it was hilarious to me. and i loved Gleeman Vox, my second favorite would be either Ratchet and Clank:All 4 One or the future saga. of course, like everyone above me, the WORST are size matters and secret agent clank. i whatched ALL the cutscenes for size matters and i almost fell asleep! (and i just woke up when i whatched it!) and don't give me started with secret agent clank. i haven't even played it, but oh god the cutscenes. the game sucks ball sacs. even it's abbreviation is "SAC"! and as for into the nexus. i don't know, its in the middle. its not bad, its just kinda dull (no offense!) as in nefarious' words, "Have you played secret agent clank or size matters? there both surprisingly BORING!"